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Contact Best Quality Plumbing today for an appointment! (818) 282-5846. Plumbing leaks can be destructive to your residential or commercial property, pose health hazards, and are costly to repair.

Best Quality Plumbing is the team that you can trust for reliable water leak detection in Burbank , CA, and the surrounding areas. We use the latest technologies to precisely locate, diagnose and repair leaks in your pressurized water supply system or in your sewer pipeline.

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Signs to Look Out For

A few signs of a plumbing leak are not always obvious, but there are some common indications you can look for:

  • Sewer odor, even a slight one

  • Higher than usual water bills

  • Slow drain or drains

  • Decreased water pressure at the faucet

  • Cloudy or discolored water at the faucet

  • An especially green patch in the yard

  • Paint bubbles or crackling

  • A toilet that wobbles

When you spot one or more of the signs above, another issue you may encounter is that the signs of a leak don't always appear in the exact location of the leak. Fortunately, Best Quality Plumbing has years of experience and a fine reputation as a leak detection specialist in the local area. We have earned the trust of property owners because our equipment, training, and experience make us a leader in providing precise leak detection services. We will quickly find the location of the problem, diagnose its exact cause, and recommend the best repair approach for your specific leak, saving you time and money.

A Bigger Issue?

Recurring water leaks may indicate you have broken seals. Rubber seals are used for sewage pipes and fittings to help stop leakages in appliances. Natural wear and tear make the sealant deteriorate over time, bringing about recurring leaks. If the rubber seal breaks, you’ll notice pools of water near the appliance.

Corrosion greatly affects the efficiency of pipes. Pipe corrosion typically occurs in older plumbing systems, but relatively new pipe systems can also succumb to corrosion. Since the structure and constitution of the pipes are greatly compromised, leaks are bound to happen. If the recurring leaks are brought about by pipe corrosion, your underground leak detection specialist would strongly recommend a repipe.

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You need to take care of leaks right away, and the best way to do so is through a leak detection specialist. This is because we have the necessary experience and equipment to help you detect and assess the problem. Many plumbing issues occur behind the walls, shadowed areas, and corners; hence, it can be challenging to see them if you don't have the right equipment.

Best Quality Plumbing will perform underground leak detection and determine the issue before it causes more harm. Remember, when you try and find the leak yourself, you may end up wasting hours of work in which you may fail to see the leak source. Thus, it might help if you hire our leak detection company to help locate the problem without causing significant destruction to your home.

Our technicians use equipment such as leak detectors and ground microphones that are designed specifically for the job. We make use of plumbing cameras or video inspection tools to help us detect leaks.



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